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Micro-Pak® Enhanced Packaging PE Sheets (EPA Reg. Number: 88401-2)

Micro-Pak® PE Sheets are a safe and effective method for keeping products clean and fresh and are designed for polybag packed items such as garments, bags, accessories, small leather goods all the way up to furniture. Micro-Pak®PE Sheets are made of food grade quality components in a recyclable low-density polyethylene base and come in four basic sizes. Micro-Pak®PE Sheets are delivered in foil sealed pouches and are easy to use with one or more sheets placed in the polybag at time of final packing. Please refer to Instructions for use for more details.

Micro-Pak® 16cm x 8cm PE Sheets
(not suitable for footwear)
Micro-Pak® 25cm x 25cm PE Sheets
Micro-Pak® 60cm x 40cm PE Sheets
Micro-Pak® 160cm x 60cm PE Sheets

Micro-Pak® PE Sheets Dispenser Box.


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Micro-Pak® Sticker and Sheets are REACH Pre-Registered