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In addition to offering the highly effective products, Micro-Pak® can also provide professional technical services to assist factories in doing everything possible to eliminate the possibility of mold problems. This involves holding Mold Prevention seminars, visiting factories and conducting on-site factory analysis. Micro-Pak®’s technical teams stationed in both Hong Kong and China can provide efficient and professional service to your factories. For any inquiries please contact our technical team via technical@micropakltd.com.

Factory Analysis

The Micro-Pak® Technical Team is available to conduct on-site factory analysis to assist manufacturers in learning how to prevent mold. The analysis involves a check list of over 200 points as well as the use of specialized equipment and will cover every part of the factory from incoming materials straight through to export procedures. Through this analysis our team can identify problem areas in the factory and give advice on what action should be taken. As the Micro-Pak® team is specialized in mold prevention they will see areas and issues that are often overlooked. One factory analysis can have long term benefits for the manufacturer and is an important step in mold prevention.


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