14 Sep 2018

Micro-Pak Dri Clay™ – The Natural, Sustainable Desiccant Solution for Moisture Controlled Packaging.

 Micro-Pak Dri Clay™ – The Natural, Sustainable Desiccant Solution for Moisture Controlled Packaging.

Micro-Pak is pleased to introduce Dri Clay™, a range of 100% natural and environmentally friendly desiccants made from bentonite clay that remove moisture from within packages, protecting products from mold, corrosion and other forms of moisture-related degradation and damage. Dri Clay™’s unique characteristics (It remains dry at all times and is non-corrosive) makes it applicable to a wide range of consumer products including but not limited to electronics, wood, metal, foods, glass, textiles and leather items.

Why Bentonite Clay? For many years we have received requests from customers to provide moisture control solutions in addition to our anti-microbial products. It would have been easy to offer silica gel or calcium chloride desiccants but our objective was to find a desiccant ingredient that could satisfy the 3 key criteria of Sustainability, Safety and Best Performance. We identified bentonite clay as a clear winner in all three categories:


  • 100% natural, safe and non-toxic.
  • Dri Clay™ has a simple production process (extraction, drying, grading and packing) that requires low energy and water consumption. In contrast, silica gel requires significant water, chemical and energy inputs that creates large amounts of wastewater and is generally considered a dirty industry.


Safety (Product Safety & Regulatory)

  • Dri Clay™ remains dry at all times, even at full water vapor capacity, so there is no risk of leakage onto your products unlike other synthetic desiccants which turn into liquid gels.
  • Bentonite clay is a non-corrosive substance making it safe to use with metal parts.
  • In Europe Dri Clay™ is exempt from REACH registration as it is considered naturally occurring, and in the US it is compliant with EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulations and is listed on the EPA’s inert ingredient exempt list.


Best Performance

  • We conducted extensive performance testing and found that in all humidity conditions Dri Clay™ will reduce humidity faster and to lower equilibrium levels inside packages than silica gel, calcium chloride and other synthetic desiccants. Dri Clay™ works consistently well in all humidity ranges which makes it an excellent desiccant option for a wide range of products.


What is Bentonite Clay? Bentonite clay is an abundant and naturally-occurring mineral that results from the weathering and sedimentation of volcanic ash deposits. Its principal ingredient is calcium montmorillonite, a highly adsorbent, chemically inert and non-corrosive substance. When mined from the ground, then processed and dried into the form of free-flowing granules, bentonite clay attracts and binds water vapor readily within its complex and highly layered structure, making it a highly effective desiccant.