Micro-Pak® PE Sheets

EPA Reg. Number: 88401-2

Micro-Pak® PE Sheets are a safe and effective method for preventing mold and are designed for polybag packed items such as garments, bags, accessories, small leather goods all the way up to furniture. Micro-Pak® PE Sheets are delivered in foil sealed pouches and come in five sizes. Micro-Pak® PE Sheets are easy to use with one or more sheets placed in the polybag at time of final packing.

Micro-Pak® PE sheets are activated by moisture. When the relative humidity reaches a pre-set level the sheets will create and release an atmosphere within the package to actively eliminate mold spores. As Micro-Pak® PE Sheets will not start to work until the humidity has reached a certain level you are assured that your product will be protected when needed.

The five sizes of Micro-Pak® PE sheets enable you to select the most suitable sheet for your particular item and packing method. This will ensure that your product is fully protected at a minimum of cost.

After opening the foil pouch the roll of Micro-Pak® PE Sheets should be placed in the Micro-Pak® Dispenser box. All size sheets fit in the same dispenser box. Multi-lingual instructions as well as illustrations appear on each dispenser box so that workers can easily understand how to use the dispenser boxes. The dispenser boxes are supplied by Micro-Pak Hong Kong and please contact info@micropakltd.com for further details.