MPX2™ Polybag

MPX2™ Polybags are an innovative, safe and effective method for preventing mold on all polybag-packed merchandise including garments, bags, accessories, footwear, leather goods, electronics, houseware and other items.

MPX2™ Polybags have a unique built-in anti-microbial technology that prevents the growth and spread of mold on surface contact and to surrounding areas of the merchandise with proven results. Unlike regular polybags, MPX2™ Polybags can be used on their own without the need for a supplementary anti-mold product or desiccant, and can thereby help to reduce the total amount of packaging materials used while also protecting merchandise from mold.

Replace regular polybags with MPX2™ Polybags to eliminate mold and reduce materials.
MPX2™ Polybags are available with recycled content.

MPX2™ Polybags are delivered in sealed packaging and come in a variety of sizes. MPX2™ Polybags are easy to use with the finished product inserted into the polybag at the time of final packing, and as they do not react to humidity there are no special storage or handling requirements.