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Driven by excellence

The Micro-Pak Mission

The world’s leading brands and retailers rely on Micro-Pak as their trusted partner in mold and moisture prevention. Our commitment to excellence means providing not only best-in-class mold prevention products but also helping manufacturers eliminate mold from their entire supply chains through education, training and factory assessments. By going above and beyond global compliance with all regulatory issues and environmentally safe methods, we protect our clients’ products, brands, and customers.

Our history

For over 20 years, Micro-Pak has been transforming the consumer goods industry with innovative anti-microbial packaging solutions. What began in 1998 as a staff of two dedicated individuals has grown into an international team of more than 100 across eight countries and a network of over 30 authorized distributors.

As the leading global supplier of mold-prevention products, we manufacture and distribute over three million items a day—protecting billions of consumer goods every year.

Our values

Customer satisfaction

Unparalleled customer service is what separates us from the competition. With a partnership-based approach, we invest in our clients’ success by creating custom solutions and services that make every customer a satisfied, loyal advocate.


Compliance with all regulatory issues is fundamental to our approach. We go beyond our clients’ requirements to ensure their supply chains are protected end to end—allowing them to deliver the highest quality, safest goods every time.


Through continuous improvement and innovation, we lead our industry and propel its future development. The ever-changing retail industry demands that we challenge the status quo to stay ahead of our market and meet our clients’ evolving needs.

Efficacy & safety

Clients trust us to provide the most effective and safest products on the market. Our solutions comply with rigorous environmental and safety standards set by national authorities as well as our clients’ internal policies.

Economic value

Delivering value to our clients drives our vision and enterprise growth. By employing innovative business practices, we ensure sustainable profitability that allows us to provide the creative, world-class solutions and services our clients need.


Making a positive global impact for our clients and their communities means ongoing efforts to reduce our environmental footprint. Our commitment to sustainability is supported by our systematic efforts to eliminate any potential adverse environmental effects of our business.

A proactive approach

Our commitment to compliance

True partnership means anticipating our clients’ needs and developing products that exceed regulatory requirements. That’s why we invest in continuous education on the latest regulatory developments by consulting with labs, testing institutes, NGOs, and legal authorities. Our clients never need to tell us about new regulations—we take advance action to ensure Micro-Pak® products are always ahead of the compliance curve.

Micro-Pak® products are EPA registered and compliant with Proposition 65 compliant, REACH, and under the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR).

The Micro-Pak Leadership Team

Martin Berman

Managing Director

Sal Cesario

Global Sales and Marketing Manager

Victor Cesarani

USA Sales and Operations Manager

Jan Cheung

General Manager

Jacob Berman

Finance and Operations Manager

Jane Chan

Technical Services Manager

Ute Østerby

Sales Manager DACH and Scandinavia

Ben Wright

Sales Manager UK

Douglas Aitken

Sales and Marketing Manager

Anna Berman

Marketing and Media Coordinator

Woody Toms

North American Technical Services Coordinator

Michael Yu

Sales Operation Manager

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