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A range of anti-microbial and moisture control products for every type of item and packaging method

Micro-Pak® Stickers

Safe, effective, easy to use, and unobtrusive. Use Micro-Pak® Stickers with footwear and other box-packed items to ensure your goods stay mold-free.

Micro-Pak® PE Sheets

Keep your polybag-packed products mold-free with a solution that is safe, easy to use, and cost-effective.

Micro-Pak Dri Clay® Kraft

A plastic-free desiccant made from natural bentonite clay that is packaged in biodegradable FSC-certified Kraft paper. Dri Clay® is safer and outperforms silica gel and calcium chloride desiccants.

MPX2® Polybags

All-in-one packaging and mold prevention solution for your polybag-packed merchandise.

MPCD ECO® Container Desiccants

Eco-friendly and economical, offering maximum moisture protection for your cargo at the lowest cost to you and the planet.

Micro-Pak Container Desiccants

Ship products safely and with minimal expense with the most effective solution for controlling moisture and humidity inside containers.

MPX2® Desiccants

The highest quality calcium chloride desiccant that outperforms comparative products, offering greater protection inside boxes and polybags.

Micro-Pak MPX2® Disinfectants

Complete decontamination for your factory and products—with powerful, long-lasting results.

Mold Testing

Test raw materials and finished products for mold contamination in a simple, fast and cost-effective manner.

Protect every step of your supply chain

Mold and moisture can threaten your goods at any point during manufacturing and transportation. That is why we offer complete protection, from the factory floor to the sales floor.



Stop mold before it starts. We help you create the ideal manufacturing environment.

Technical Services

Technical Services

Product Packaging

Product Packaging

Our safe, effective and sustainable products deliver the most effective protection on the market.



Guard against moisture damage during transport to ensure your products arrive mold-free.

Micro-Pak Container Desiccants

Micro-Pak Container Desiccants



With a complete system of protection in place, you can rest assured that your products will reach the sales floor in pristine condition, saving you the costs of damaged goods, ensuring your customers’ satisfaction—and protecting your brand’s reputation.

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