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A holistic and unrivaled approach to mold and moisture prevention that protects goods at every step of the supply chain.


“Invisible” solutions that deliver big results

Discover protection you can count on for mold and moisture prevention. Trusted by the world’s top brands and retailers, our solutions go beyond your compliance requirements to give you peace of mind.

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With extensive technical services and educational programs, we are your trusted partner in protection that goes the extra mile. Discover custom solutions that support your business and help manufacturers better understand mold & moisture prevention.
Martin Berman, Managing Director

Your source for mold prevention expertise

What you cannot see could cost you. Learn the hazards of mold and moisture—and how to protect your business.


An Introduction to Mold Prevention and Moisture Control

Producing and shipping quality products on time is a challenge in any industry. The last thing you want to have happen is that the goods arrive at destination covered with mold.


Steps to Prevent Mold & Moisture Damage Across the Supply Chain

Mold spores and moisture are always present in the air and this means that damage to your products can occur at any time during production, storage and shipment.

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Whether you want to get more info or are just exploring your options, our sales team will help you find the right solution for your needs.

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