MPX2® Polybags

All-in-one packaging and mold prevention solution for your polybag-packed merchandise.

  • Eliminates Mold
  • Reduces Materials
  • 100% Recycled Content
  • EPA Registered

Product Details

Efficient and Effective: Reduce material costs and streamline your packaging workflow with MPX2® Polybags—an innovative polybag with integrated anti-microbial technology. Proven to prevent mold on surface contact and in surrounding areas, MPX2® Polybags protect your goods without the need for additional anti-mold products or desiccants.

100% Recycled Content: MPX2® polybags are made with 100% recycled LDPE and can be recycled after use.

Convenient: Available in multiple sizes and in custom configurations, MPX2® Polybags make it easy to package and protect any polybag-packed items in one simple step. Ideal for garments, bags, footwear, leather goods and much more.

Easy to use: Replace your regular polybags with MPX2® Polybags for complete product protection. No special storage or handling required—simply insert goods during final packaging as usual.

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