MPX2® Desiccants

MPX2® desiccants are made with the highest purity calcium chloride that can absorb up to 3X their own weight in moisture, and 20% more moisture than comparative calcium chloride desiccants, offering greater and longer-lasting protection against mold and moisture damage from within your product packaging.

  • Higher absorption capacity
  • Long-lasting protection against mold and moisture damage
  • Safe and non-toxic

Product Details

Versatile: MPX2® desiccants absorb moisture from inside the packaging, protecting products from mold and all forms of moisture damage. They are economical and easy to use inside cartons, polybags, boxes and other forms of packaging, and can be used to protect a wide range of products including but not limited to textiles, footwear, leather, homeware, wood, glassware, agricultural products and more. It is not recommended to use calcium chloride desiccants with electronic items or with metal parts.

Superior Quality: If calcium chloride is your preferred desiccant ingredient why not use the best. MPX2® desiccants are made with the highest purity calcium chloride combined with a scientifically modified starch, and this advanced formulation outperforms comparative calcium chloride desiccants. They turn moisture into a thick, no-leak gel which is non-toxic and can be disposed with regular waste.

Cost Effective: More affordable than comparative calcium chloride desiccants, MPX2® desiccants are available in 4 commonly used sizes so that the dosage can be optimized for any item and packing method.


  • 2g
  • 5g
  • 10g
  • 25g

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