Micro-Pak container desiccants are specially formulated desiccant strips for use in shipping containers.

When goods are shipped they are susceptible to damage from excessive moisture caused by widely fluctuating temperature and humidity levels. Micro-Pak container desiccants reduce moisture levels inside containers to help eliminate mold growth, rust, corrosion and other forms of moisture damage.

Micro-Pak container desiccants absorb moisture from the air, eliminating container rain. Micro-Pak container desiccants can protect shipments from start to finish, through all temperature ranges and relative humidity variances.

Yes. Micro-Pak container desiccants are an additional tool to maintain product integrity during transport and are designed as a supplement to Micro-Pak® Stickers and Sheets, not replacements. Micro-Pak® Stickers and Sheets are anti-microbial and protect your products from within the packaging, whereas Micro-Pak container desiccants are anti-moisture and protect your products from outside the packaging. Humidity levels inside packages can vary significantly from humidity levels outside of packages.

Micro-Pak container desiccants are made of a high purity deliquescent salt combined with a scientifically modified starch. This advanced formula maximizes absorptive capacity and traps moisture as a thick, no-spill gel.

Micro-Pak container desiccants can absorb up to twice the amount of moisture of competing products, so you can reduce the quantity of typically required desiccant by 25% or more. Not only do you save money by using less, but our prices are also the most competitive on the market meaning substantial cost savings over alternative products.

Micro-Pak container desiccants can absorb up to 300% of its own weight at 95% relative humidity and 40°C.

The amount of Micro-Pak container desiccants to be used will depend on the cargo, packing, shipping route and other factors. For a 40 foot container our standard usage recommendation would be 6 strips of Micro-Pak container desiccants. Please contact Micro-Pak for further information.

Considering the complexity of international shipping routes it is always rainy season somewhere. Our usage recommendations are therefore standard throughout the year.

Micro-Pak container desiccants last up to 90 days at 80% relative humidity and 25°C.

Micro-Pak container desiccants come in strips comprising 4 x 125 gram desiccant bags, a hook for easy installation, and a patented hard outer sleeve designed to protect the desiccant strips. Hang the strips vertically from the top most portion of the container walls with the sleeve holes facing outwards, placing them an even distance apart on the side walls, front wall, and rear wall.

Each strip is 840×170 mm, and can fit easily into container grooves. The hook design ensures the strips are secure throughout the shipment.

Micro-Pak container desiccants are highly durable, constructed with a Tyvek front that is water vapor permeable and a white plastic film back that is non-porous and will not leak, and protected by a patented hard outer sleeve.

No. The high purity deliquescent salt and scientifically modified starch aggressively trap and bind moisture as a thick, no-spill gel. The packaging is leak-proof and the desiccant will not come into contact with the cargo.

Micro-Pak desiccants are manufactured by Clariant, one of the world’s largest specialty chemical companies. Headquartered in Muttenz, Switzerland and with an infrastructure spanning 150 countries, Clariant is the world’s leader in the desiccant field.

Micro-Pak container desiccants can be kept for up to one year from the date of production if stored in its original packaging.

Micro-Pak container desiccants should be stored in dry conditions, out of direct sunlight, and away from any heat sources. Only remove the necessary quantity of desiccant from its packaging during the stuffing of the container. All unused desiccant should be kept inside the polybag packaging and sealed tight.

Micro-Pak container desiccants are made of safe, non-toxic materials, and can be disposed with regular waste. Micro-Pak container desiccants are fully compliant with REACH and a wide range of international regulations.

Micro-Pak container desiccants are EcoTain® certified. Moreover as less desiccant is needed with Micro-Pak container desiccants as compared to other products on the market there is a significant lessening of environmental impact.

Micro-Pak container desiccants can be ordered from Micro-Pak Ltd., in Hong Kong. Please contact desiccants@micropakltd.com for further information and pricing.

As we cannot control every condition of the supply chain or the condition of the product when packed, we cannot guarantee you that you will not have a mold or moisture problem. In case you do face any mold or moisture problems please contact our Technical Services Department and we will assist you in finding and eliminating any shortcomings in the supply chain which may cause mold or moisture problems.

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