Micro-Pak® PE Sheets are placed in the box or bag at the time of final packing. When humidity is high the moisture in the air enters the sheet and starts a reaction that creates a Micro-Pak® atmosphere. This Micro-Pak® atmosphere spreads throughout the package to eliminate mold spores.

Silica gel and other desiccants are designed to absorb moisture and while some of these may be quite effective at this they are not specifically going after mold spores. Micro-Pak® products will both absorb moisture and create and release an atmosphere to eliminate mold spores.

Micro-Pak® PE Sheets are easy to use. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Open the foil package, remove the roll of Micro-Pak® PE Sheets and place it in the dispenser box.
  2. At time of final packing tear off one or more pieces of Micro-Pak® PE Sheets and place the sheets inside the polybag or box together with your products.
  3. The polybag or box should be closed immediately after adding the Micro-Pak® PE Sheet.
  4. Any unfinished rolls of Micro-Pak® PE Sheets should be placed back in the foil package and closed with tape for use within the next day.

As there are several sizes of Micro-Pak® PE Sheets please also refer to our “Instructions for Use”.

Since Micro-Pak® PE Sheets come in a variety of sizes, the number of sheets to be used depends on the size of the item being packed, the type of material as well as the climate conditions. Please refer to the Instructions for Use on our website or contact our office for more specific advice based on your item and packing specification.

Keeping items free from mold involves a number of steps and to avoid mold problems we recommend that factories take certain measures including the following:

  1. All materials must be stored properly and in dry conditions.
  2. Factories should be kept clean.
  3. Wet products or boxes should not be packed.
  4. Avoid storing goods for long periods especially during the rainy season.
  5. Products that have been stored in the factory warehouse should be checked again prior to shipment.
  6. Factory warehouses should be dry with good ventilation.
  7. Attend the Micro-Pak® seminars and workshops on mold prevention.

The Micro-Pak technical team can provide further advice on mold prevention procedures.

If the foil bag is not opened you can store Micro-Pak® PE Sheets for up to one year from date of production. Once the bag is opened the sheets should be used as quickly as possible. Any unused quantities should be placed back in the bag and used ideally within the next day.

Micro-Pak® PE Sheets should be stored in dry conditions and out of direct sunlight.

Micro-Pak® PE Sheets will reduce or eliminate mold continually for extended periods depending on humidity levels.

The Micro-Pak® PE Sheets will still work but the effectiveness will be reduced depending on how long you store your products and how high the humidity is.

When you reopen the box or polybag you are letting the Micro-Pak® atmosphere escape and may be letting in more moist air. Since you have compromised the atmosphere it would be best to replace the sheets.

Micro-Pak® PE Sheets can only stop the continuous growing of the visible mold but cannot make visible mold on products disappear. For cleaning visibly moldy product you should consider using Sporicidin Cleaning and Disinfecting Solutions.

Many of these chemical sprays are unsafe for workers, consumers and the environment and may also be in violation of various national and international regulations. Micro-Pak® products are EPA registered in the US, REACH pre-registered in the EU and in process of being registered under the BPR.

Micro-Pak® PE Sheets can be ordered from Micro-Pak Ltd. in Hong Kong or via our authorized distributors as per our website.

Micro-Pak® PE Sheets comply with the restricted substance policies of major retailers and brands throughout the world. Micro-Pak® PE Sheets have also undergone stringent safety testing as part of our registration with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The final use of the Micro-Pak® PE Sheets is in the hands of the factory and as we cannot control how they are used, the condition of the factory or the condition of the product when packed, we cannot guarantee that you will not have a mold problem. In case you do face any mold problems please contact our Technical Services Department for assistance.

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