Micro-Pak Slides are easy to use. Please refer to the “Sampling Procedure” on how to take a sample or visit www.micropakltd.com/en/products/mold-test for more details.

For samples with no visible mold, 5 - 6 areas of the sample should be collected on one slide, covering all of the main material and lining areas. For material rolls, 5 – 6 areas should be collected on one slide from both the outside and the inner side of the material.

For samples with visible or obvious mold observed, a maximum of 3 areas of the sample should be collected on one slide to avoid over-collection.

Our brochure includes an Example Testing Program with recommendations on what products to test, how many products to test, and how often to test.

In order to identify the potential mold risk and to avoid cross contamination, it is recommended to use one slide per item or material.

The sampled slides should be closed, labelled properly and shipped to the nearest Micro-Pak Technical Office in prepaid basis for further mold analysis. Please refer to the “Mold Screening Test Application Form” for contact details of Micro-Pak Technical Offices. (Note: Freight on collect basis is not accepted)

Yes, customers/factories can send the whole product/material to the nearest Micro-Pak Technical Offices for mold testing. Since it involves extra sample analysis work, the testing lead-time and cost will be different from self-collection. For volume and pre-shipment mold testing, it is recommended to purchase Micro-Pak Slides for self-collection in order to avoid any delay in the sample shipment.

Micro-Pak Slides can be purchased directly from Micro-Pak Hong Kong. Please email info@micropakltd.com. Micro-Pak slides will then be shipped out after payment is received. The collected slides should be submitted to the respective technical office for mold testing together with the completed “Mold Screening Test Application Form” containing full sample details.

Except for large volume testing, test reports will normally be issued within the next 2 working days upon sample receipt.

Factories can follow the suggested action plans provided in the test reports, however they should always check with their customers for requirements on inspecting and cleaning moldy goods.

The results shown on the mold screening test report refer to the tested/sampled areas only and are NOT an indication of the presence or absence of mold on any other item or any other part of the tested item.

Yes, the expiry date is printed on the barcode label of the slide. For best result, all Micro-Pak Slides should be used up before the expiry date.

Micro-Pak Slides should be stored in cool and dry conditions. The slides should not be stored under direct sunlight or in a high humidity environment.

Micro-Pak Slides are made of a flexible plastic microscopic slide with a pre-defined adhesive area which will not break easily during sample collection.

Micro-Pak Slides will not normally cause any damage to the tested surface. For very sensitive materials, the user should test one area before proceeding with additional tests.

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