The MPX2® Polybag is a new anti-microbial polybag offered by Micro-Pak Limited.

MPX2® Polybags can be used to pack any consumer item such as garments, footwear, handbags, electronics, etc.

The MPX2® Polybag will have a long lasting anti-microbial effect for six months or longer. Please however remember that the factory must still follow proper mold prevention procedures during production and storage.

For best results MPX2® Polybags should be used within one year of delivery to the factory.

MPX2® Polybags can be kept in their original packing when not in use. Due to the unique formulation it is not necessary to store MPX2® Polybags in a dispenser box.

The holes in MPX2® Polybags will not have an effect on the anti-mold function.

Micro-Pak® Sheets are activated by moisture and therefore need to be kept in the original packing or the dispenser box before use. The MPX2® Polybag has a different formulation with primary activation upon contact with mold and therefore does not require a dispenser box.

Micro-Pak® Sheets and MPX2® Polybags both have an anti-microbial mode of action but use different formulations to eliminate mold.

Both products are effective against mold and the choice of one or the other is more related to customer requirements or preferences. Regardless of which product is used, correct factory processes for mold prevention are essential and Micro-Pak offers extensive technical support and service in this area.

This depends on the customer’s packaging requirements or preferences. Both products are effective tools for mold prevention.

Yes, both Micro-Pak® Sheets and MPX2® Polybags are compliant with the EPA and BPR.

The final use of the MPX2® Polybag is in the hands of the factory and as we cannot control how they are used, the condition of the factory or the condition of the product when packed we cannot guarantee that you will not have a mold problem. In case you do face any mold problems please contact our Technical Services Department for assistance.

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