The Importance of Mold Testing

01 February 2023

One issue that can affect all products is mold however usually there is no real check to see if materials or finished products are mold free. Some manufacturers may do a random visual inspection for mold but since mold starts out as microscopic spores, this is not an effective method of quality control.

What often happens is the product that was approved for shipment actually has an unacceptably high level of tiny mold spores that grow into unsightly mold during shipment resulting in a huge claim. When the supplier says that everything looked fine when they shipped, they are not lying. The problem is they did not look close enough.

Up until recently, accurate mold tests were expensive and time consuming sometimes taking up to ten days for results. Moreover, the reported results were often difficult to understand leaving suppliers unsure of what steps to take. After receiving a lab report suppliers are often still left asking, “Is the level of mold acceptable? Should everything be cleaned? Should the shipment be stopped?”. A test with no understandable results is of no help and may lead to wrong decisions.

To solve this problem, Micro-Pak has developed a simple, low cost and quick mold screening test with sampling done by the factories themselves. Unlike typical lab related mold reports, Micro-Pak will identify and quantify mold elements as well as provide a risk level and recommended actions. Results are typically returned to factories within 48 hours.

With the Micro-Pak reports, the factories will know:

  • If they have a problem
  • How serious the problem is as compared to other cases in the same industry
  • What they should do about it

Micro-Pak reports are based on a proprietary procedure and a database of more than 10,000 samples taken from factories producing shoes, garments, bags, toys and a wide range of consumer goods. This enables Micro-Pak to use scientific data to give practical recommendations. Please refer to for further information on these unique tests.

Micro-Pak mold screening tests can be conducted in any of the Micro-Pak technical offices located in Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh and the United States.

With the Micro-Pak mold screening tests your factories can manage potential mold problems at each stage of production and help eliminate costly mold related claims.

It is highly recommended that you make mold testing of premises, components and finished goods a standard part of your QA procedures.

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