A core part of Micro-Pak’s sustainability commitment is the establishment of our own thin-film plastic recycling factory in China which began operations in April 2023 and has the capacity to recycle over 10 metric tonnes of plastic per day.

By combining the recycling program with our sustainable range of products, Micro-Pak is uniquely positioned to help our customers achieve their own sustainability goals.

Factory Snapshot

• Name: Rolling Star (Hubei) New Material Co, Ltd.

• Location: Hubei, China.

• Commenced Operations: April 2023.

• Current Recycling Capacity: Over 10 metric tonnes per day.

• Certifications: GRS 4.0 / ISO 14001: 2015/ ISO 9001:2015 / ISO 50001 / ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) Supplier to Zero Level 1 / SMETA 4-Pillar

• Sustainability and Environmental Management: The factory is ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 certified and is equipped with best-in-class equipment for air emissions and water treatment to minimize the environmental impact from operations. 95% of the water used in production is reused, with the 5% loss from evaporation. Future enhancements include the installation of solar panels for electricity generation and the use of electric vehicles.

• Finished Product: High quality 100% post-consumer recycled resin that will be tested for technical quality and for compliance with all relevant restricted substance policies.

Program Goals

1) Exceed Plastic Neutrality

Remove at least 5 times as much plastic from the waste stream every year than the amount of plastic created by our business (Plastic neutral refers to a company that recovers and recycles the same amount of plastic that it uses.)

2) Supply High Quality Recycled Resin

Transform plastic waste into the highest quality GRS-certified 100% post-consumer recycled resin that will be used in the production of our own products, as well as sold to other manufacturers.

Your existing packaging suppliers can use our resin to make 100% recycled polybags and other packaging materials without changing their production. Learn More.

3) Offer Plastic Off-Set Credits to Our Customers

Plastic Offset Credits

When a customer purchases any of our plastic-based products we will calculate the total weight of plastic used in those products and then deduct this from the total volume of plastic that we have recycled. This enables our customers to offset their plastic usage which makes their use of Micro-Pak products plastic neutral.

We will work with a third party auditor to ensure credits are measurable, traceable and verifiable.

Benefits for Our Customers

Achieve Your Sustainable Packaging Goals with Micro-Pak’s Plastic-Neutral Products and Offset Credits.

Anti-mold polybags with 100% recycled material.

Anti-mold PE sheets with 50% recycled material.

Anti-mold stickers with 30% recycled material.

Plastic-free, biodegradable desiccants.

Container desiccants with 100% recycled materials.

Encourage Your Existing Suppliers to Source our Recycled Resin

High quality 100% post-consumer recycled resin is difficult to source. Your packaging suppliers can use our resin to make 100% recycled versions of their existing products (polybags, wraps, films etc.), without the need to modify their production lines.

A Genuine and Measurable Impact in Recycling

We aim to contribute to alleviating the global plastic pollution problem in a measurable and meaningful way by:

• Removing initially 5X more plastic from the waste stream than we put in.

• Transforming plastic waste into high quality, GRS-certified 100% post-consumer recycled resin.

• Using the resin in our own products to close the loop.

• Making high quality recycled resin more widely available to other suppliers.

• Offering plastic offset credits to our customers.

Recycling Factory Brochure

100% Recycled Resin Brochure

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