To avoid loss of function or potential damage to your product, for polybag packed items and any items with genuine shearling fur please always use Micro-Pak® PE sheets instead of stickers.


Product Luggage (Nested) - Size ≥30" Category Bags
Description Nested Luggage Set (Largest Luggage Size: 30” or above) Polybag Packed in Carton
Product Apparel Category Belts, Gloves, Textiles
Description Dri Clay
Product Belts - Coiled Category Belts
Description Multi Box Packed Belts (Coiled)
Product Belts - Coiled Category Belts
Description Multi Packed Belts (Coiled) in Carton
Product Belts - Individual Category Belts
Description Individually Polybag Packed Belts
Product Belts - Individual Flat Packed Category Belts
Description Individually Polybag and Flat Packed Belts
Product Belts - Multi Packed Category Belts
Description Multi Polybag Packed Belts
Product Furniture - Multi-Seats Category Furniture
Description Furniture - Multi-Seats
Product Furniture - Single Seat Category Furniture
Description Furniture - Single Seat
Product Home Furnishings Category Furniture
Description Dri Clay

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