Micro-Pak Sustainability Report 2024

15 April 2024

Our 2024 Sustainability Report marks another significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices. The report offers a comprehensive overview of our sustainability achievements since our last report in 2022, and outlines future areas of improvement.


  • The Micro-Pak Plastic Recycling Factory: a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to recycling plastic waste in the most environmentally way possible. We will:
    • Remove 5X more plastic from the waste stream than we create each year
    • Transform plastic waste into the highest quality 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) resin that will be used our own products and sold to other manufacturers.
    • Offer plastic off-set credits to customers that use our plastic-based products.
  • Plastic-Free Certification for Micro-Pak Dri Clay® Kraft Desiccants; another important credential for the most eco-friendly desiccant available on the market. Dri Clay® is a plastic-free desiccant made from natural bentonite clay that is packaged in biodegradable Kraft paper. Dri Clay® outperforms silica gel and calcium chloride desiccants and is also safer (no risk of leakage or corrosion, free of harmful chemicals).
  • Eco-Friendly Container Desiccants; a new line of container desiccants made from 100% recycled packaging materials. They outperform other desiccants so you can use less, waste less, and save cost.

Please download the full report here.

We believe in transparency and accountability, and we welcome your feedback.

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