NW Materials Show

Micro-Pak is exhibiting at the NW Materials Show August 16-17! Come visit Woody in booth … More

NYC Mold Prevention Seminar


Micro-Pak at AAFA Product Safety Seminar

Myanmar’s Increasing Influence in the Textile Industry

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Industry Spotlight: Leather Industry Moving Towards Increased Sustainability

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Changing weather patterns require additional mold prevention precautions

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Early Results Point to Success for SAC’s SME Project

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Meet Woody Toms, West Coast Sales and Marketing Representative, USA

I have worked for Micro-Pak for 3.5 years now (since May 2013). My daily routine … More

How Container Desiccants Work

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Apparel and Footwear Industry Recap 2016

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Interview with Martin Berman, Managing Director at Micro-Pak

The Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America interviewed Martin Berman, managing director at Micro-Pak, at … More

AAFA Calls Alibaba Out on Counterfeits

The American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) has asked U.S. trade officials to re-list Alibaba … More

Product Safety, Politics and Supply Chain Innovation Shaping Footwear Industry

At Micro-Pak, we’re committed to engaging with our community by attending and supporting events for … More

Country Spotlight: Bangladesh an Emerging Player in Apparel, Sustainable Manufacturing

Micro-Pak is continuing to expand its global presence with a new technical office in Bangladesh. … More

Country Spotlight: Vietnam A Key Footwear Exporter to U.S.

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Amazon Launches New Anti-Counterfeit Efforts after Birkenstock Announcement

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What Brands and Retailers Can Expect from This Back-to-School Shopping Season

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Industries embrace upcycling, creative sustainability

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Micro-Pak Opens New Technical Offices in Vietnam and Bangladesh

We’re pleased to announce that our new technical office in Vietnam is now up and … More

Micro-Pak’s Sal Cesario Featured in Cal Poly Business Magazine

We wanted to share an article in Cal Poly Business Magazine, which recently featured Micro-Pak’s … More

Join Micro-Pak at the FDRA Footwear Forum and Other Upcoming Events

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SAC Roadmap Outlines Plan to Publicize Higg Index Data

A new transparency roadmap is transforming the Higg Index from an industry tool to a … More

Brexit’s impact on the footwear industry remains uncertain

Britain’s historic vote to leave the European Union has led politicians worldwide to weigh in, … More

Cradle to Cradle Offers Free Training for Designers

Climate change and resource depletion affect the entire supply chain, not just the consumer. In … More

Trans-Atlantic Trade Barriers for Footwear One Step Closer to Elimination

The Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) are set to align trade regulation between the … More

New Career Marketplace a Perfect Fit for the Footwear Industry

One of the leading philanthropic organizations with which we have been involved continues to make … More

New report shows fashion industry moving towards transparency

Micro-Pak is committed to proactively supporting tools and organizations that promote transparency throughout the supply … More

Year in Review

Micro-Pak recently released its Year in Review summary to customers, partners and employees. The report … More

Read our Article in the Environmental Leader

We’re pleased to share an article published in Environmental Leader by Eric Brody, Sustainability Officer … More

Footwear Trade Association Helps Guide Industry

The global footwear industry is booming. Global revenue projections are now upwards of $258 billion … More

Gucci America Quits International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition

The International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition’s (IACC) decision to allow Alibaba to join the group, which is … More

How You Can Use the Higg Index to Revamp Your Entire Supply Chain

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Are Your Factory’s UV Tunnels Giving You a False Sense of Security?

Ultraviolet radiation (UV) is becoming more common as a relatively inexpensive and effective method of … More

Tech Trends Shaping Retail Today

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Trans-Pacific Partnership Gains Industry Support, Generates Controversy

In early February, representatives of the United States and 11 other Pacific Rim nations formally … More

Are Your Products Compliant with California’s New Prop. 65 Regulations?

At Micro-Pak, we take regulatory issues very seriously. We have invested considerable resources in making … More

Are You Addressing Mold Prevention at Every Level?

Our customers rely on us to provide the products and services they need to prevent … More

Successful Anti-Counterfeiting Actions in India

Micro-Pak has taken successful legal action against several Indian companies dealing in counterfeit Micro-Pak products. … More

Micro-Pak Adds Container Desiccants as a Supplement to our Product Family and Factory Services

Our customers have come to rely on us to prevent mold, from factory to retail. … More

Preparing Your Factory for Heavy El Niño Rains, Flooding and the Monsoon Season

Although precipitation is a common occurrence in China at any time of the year, the … More

Trends Shaping Today’s Supply Chains

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Do Your Products Meet the Latest Biocidal Products Regulation Guidelines?

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Trends in Production: The Great Debate Over Reshoring and Offshoring Goods

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Micro-Pak Receives Settlement from Topone International Trading Company (distributor of Casano anti-mold chip) for Counterfeiting Charges

Nearly three years after the Hong Kong High Court found Topone International Trading Company to … More

Don’t Miss Us at These Upcoming Events

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How Does Micro-Pak Work?

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What is Mold, and Why Does Mold Pose Such a Problem for your Brand?

Mold is a common microscopic organism that can grow almost anywhere under the right mix … More

Top Failures of Factories: Visible Water Damage, Humidity and More

We audit a lot of factories as part of the Micro-Pak service package, which includes … More

The Corrective Action Plan: What to do When Your Factory Audit Reveals Areas that Need Improvement

Micro-Pak’s multi-pronged process for mold prevention involves a holistic approach that includes educating and training … More

Manufacturing Exodus: Rising Costs, Shifting Sentiments Are Moving Production out of China

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Global Trends: Italy Faces Decreased Shoe Production, Sales While Other Markets Grow

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Effective Anti-Counterfeiting Measures Require a Comprehensive Approach

Editor’s note: This post is one in a series about effective anti-counterfeiting measures. In this … More

Education and Training are Key Parts of Our Service Offering

Micro-Pak is in the business of preventing mold, and we achieve this through a combination … More

Cradle to Cradle Silver Certification: Another Testament to Micro-Pak’s Commitment to Transparency and Sustainability

Climate change and resource depletion are becoming top-of-mind concerns for today’s consumer—a trend that affects … More

Giving Back

There is frequently a lot of talk about making the world a better place through … More

Follow the Counterfeits Back to the Source

Editor’s note: This post is one in a series about effective anti-counterfeiting measures. In this … More

Regulatory Compliance: Navigating the Challenges of Doing Business in the U.S. and in Europe

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Entry Point: How Counterfeits Make it into the Supply Chain

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Three Key Tactics to Stamp out Counterfeits

Counterfeits hurt everyone, from the manufacturer who is not getting real product protection to the … More

Welcome to the New Micro-Pak Website: Insights, Tips and More

We hear a lot of questions here at Micro-Pak as we work with brands and … More

Heavy Rains Hit China and Hong Kong

China has been experiencing record rainfall particularly in southern provinces. As reported in the China … More

Indian Police Raid Counterfeiters

Indian authorities have successfully carried out raids against sellers of counterfeit Micro-Pak products in Agra, … More

Micro-Pak Opens Microbiological Lab in China

Micro-Pak has opened its own microbiological laboratory facilities in China. The lab is located in … More